Frequently asked queries... ermm sorry, questions?

Can BrightBot cook for me?

Sadly, No. But it can give you some dinner suggestions! Check our Blog for more details on how you can use it.

What language model do you use?

Right now we are using the latest version of OpenAI's gpt-3.5-turbo.

Can BrightBot generate images?

Yes! BrightBot is capable of generating images using "Dalia". Just ask it to generate something for you.

"Hey BrightBot! Please ask Dalia to generate an image of  a baby daikon radish wearing a tutu"

Alternatively, use the /img command to generate an image using a prompt:

/img A baby daikon radish wearing a tutu

Are you planning on adding more services?

Yes! We are always looking on ways to improve our bot. If you are interested in a custom use case we don't currently support or have any ideas, email us at:



How do I unsubscribe?

We are currently looking at making this process more user-friendly, but for now, just send an email to info@brightbot.chat saying you wish yo unsubscribe. We will respond to you very promptly!

What phone number is associated with my subscription?

We use the phone number that you include as contact information when paying.


If you want to change it please reach out to:


Can I invite my friends?

Yes! And you both get 15 days of the standard or your current plan for free when they start using BrightBot! 

Ask BrightBot about your referral link.

"BrighBot what is my referral link?"

Or just use the command:


Do you store my messages?

We care a lot about your data privacy!

BrightBot is an AI that is able to respond to messages using the context of previous interactions in the conversation.

We only store the messages that are being used in your current conversation, which lasts up to 3 hours. After that, all messages contents sent in the conversation are automatically deleted.

Can BrightBot provide the emotional support my parents never provided me?

No... BrightBot does not have emotions nor is it a licensed therapist. But it can keep you busy and pretend it cares about you. Just ask it to! 

Do you provide refunds?

Unless the software is not working as expected...

No. We need to eat.

Can BrightBot Diagnose My Mysterious Headache?

As an AI language chatbot, BrightBot is not a licensed medical professional and does not have the ability to provide personalized medical advice. It is important to always consult with a qualified healthcare provider for any medical concerns or questions. They are the only ones who can provide accurate and safe advice based on your specific medical history, symptoms, and other factors.